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Need a website ? Why buy domain, web hosting and email Separately buy website in a box Choose from one of ultimate combos we call website package that comes with free domain, unlimited web space and the very important maintenance and support.

Easy & Simple Plan

Website Packages built for small/ medium business, Startups & organisations, Website solutions in a box.


₹ 2500

per year

₹ 3600

per year

₹ 4900

per year

Why Choose Webx99

Crafted with the latest design trend & coded with all modern software frameworks. We deliver intutive scalable & robust solutions.

WordPress Solution
Ultimate Solution for WP
Frontend Solution
Intutive Web Design
Bug Fixing
Testing & bug fix
Digital Branding
Boot your sales
Easy Setup
Solution for setup
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Request Support 24h a day
Why Choose Us

Advantages of Our Website Package?

Website packages gives you longterm price protection hassle free management of your website so that you focus on your business and your website is managed and run by one of our website Package.

How to get hassle Free Website Service in Patna?

Our website packages would give you peace of mind as we manage your website and offer you complete services in a box.

Complete Website Service in Patna.

Get complete set of website services from design , development web hosting and technical support which comes with website security, monitoring and more.

Website Maintenence Service in Patna.

All the website packages comes with maintenence which includes Website Security, Website Monitoring, Backup Services & technical support via email. Maintenence dosn't include CONTENT update support use CMS panel to change content in your website. 

How to update Content in Dynamic Website?

Use your CMS/ Content management System admin login than follow instructions from PDF guide provided to add/update content in your Website Package.


Get free consultancy from our web solutions experts.